There is always a way

As a dedicated In-My-Own-Time writer, it wasn’t particularly easy to find people who were interested in reading my work. Apparently other things in life are more important. I disagree. Since when is creating a whole new world less important?
But I knew there was always a way for me to carry on creating and sharing my creations with other people. Enter this blog.
Right now, there is no kind of upload schedule planned. I am an In-My-Own-Time writer, so me writing something really entirely depends on my being able to write.
Still, there will of course be the words my brain comes up with on my blog, and I will of course update.
Be warned though! Do not expect another section of the same story to be uploaded all the time because I can get quite fickle about what I write. I could put up four sections of a story, and you begin to enjoy it, only for me to suddenly put up section one of something else.
If there’s a story you haven’t seen for a while that you want to see again, by all means tell me. I like having people to talk to. It’s likely I’ll get fired up to write that particular one again if I see that people are enjoying it.

Given what I have found myself writing at the moment, I can say that this blog will show stories or sections of stories that are all linked into the psychological and mental development or deterioration of people. In other words, insane or schizophrenic or depressed characters. I think one of them even has tourettes. If you’re at all into that, or want to write things similar to me, keep one eye on this blog. Who knows? I might inspire you.

Peace, cheers and new adventures, don’t forget to wish upon a blackstar.

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