Call me Ema…

Before I bring you nightmares I bring you dreams.

Ema Schopenhauer. A pen name.

All things written are written by my hand. Everything comes from my mind and my dreams. Only it doesn’t always feel like me. A lot of the time I feel like I’m writing someone else’s story. Even though I’m allowed to put my name on it.

Every category I will explain here:
LUCIDITY – Stream of consciousness, absurdism, surrealism, free-writing. Think House of Leaves. Think Experimental. Think Ema.
RETURNING NAMES – The names of those I’ve written about or written with. All fictional, of course.
UNRHYMING SLANG – Poetry, most of it unrhyming. Rhythm is the lifeblood of poetry, not rhyme.
LARGE SCALE – Longer works that have spanned perhaps months or years to write. Some completed, some ongoing.
SATIRE – Reviling Rhetoric, a blog dedicated to satire and irony as much as possible.


And if you want to talk to me directly:
Go to your mirror.
Light a candle.
In the dark.
And stare into the mirror.
Once you feel the twinge of adrenaline grip you, say something, and Yestin will pass it on to me.
Only do this if you’re over 12 years old. Yestin prefers young flesh.
He walks with me. Behind me. Every step. Every step is mine, every step made bigger by him.
But please.
Talk to me if you’d like. I’m a good listener.

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