I suppose he never had a bike in the first place. It was such an important memory to you, it must hurt that O**r will never get to experience it. Though he has been saved from the pain of skinning his knee, just as you did. And his father pulling the bike behind him as he carried O**r home. Are you… sure the memory of you learning to ride a bike is happy?

-Pressuriser 0223, I: Suicide Room

All work related to 0223:

Suicide Room Cov
I: Suicide Room  II: Suicide Room  III: Suicide Room  IV: Suicide Room
V: Suicide Room

Protected: 1_c_j  Protected: 2_c_j 
Please note: These documents are Protected for 0223’s safety. However, a hint is provided in this file as to the password for 1_c_j. To access 2_c_j, a hint is provided at the end of 1_c_j.

Moral Hate Circus
I: Moral Hate Circus  II: Moral Hate Circus  III: Moral Hate Circus
IV: Moral Hate Circus  V: Moral Hate Circus  VI: Moral Hate Circus
VII: Moral Hate Circus  VIII: Moral Hate Circus  IX: Moral Hate Circus
X: Moral Hate Circus (Final)



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