Could I

collect up the

remnants of


a few scattered

and empty shells

of animal

existance and

by sheer and

frightnening luck

have some rope or string

either will do


But why

but why

you’d like to know?

Here’s why.

I would

with the string,

attach each skull I discover

on my short treks out

into the



frosty winterness

maybe a hare’s skull

complete with teeth

or a crow’s beak

with plucked feather

still stuck to the carrion?

into a long

and stony



With each interval of

admittedly rotting

bone, it would feel marvelous


to have them concealed for a time

not too long

just enough so don’t become…


up inside myself.

Each skull

scratching away with its

rotting canine teeth or


a beak?

at my colon. But don’t

make too much

fuss. After all

they’ll be tugged out after a little while.

To bring me to ecstasy.

As if at pistol-point.

And I’ll shriek my way through hell and back.

With the blood and the leaking.

And the bodily cursing.

As my eyes water.

As my lungs contract.

As my stomach turns over.

And I pull them out.

Each skull


ruined but


fulfilled in its



And next time

when I’m more


of my ablutions

I’ll keep the child-skulls.

I’ll keep them.


Gather more rope.

And enjoy myself

once more

just entirely once more

despite the blood

they have less teeth


LongManPigMan Concept Art

I could do something with this.
If I can stand to look at it for more than a two seconds without my brain screaming, anyway.


I know what its feet look like.
That means that I know what its footprints look like.

So I can tell if it’s following me.

Oh Yestin. Stick close behind me.
Have your hand on my hip and save me.
My hideous guardian angel.
Save me from the Long Man.

II: Hello

I: Hello


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If you have the time, or the energy, or enough power on your electronic device, help me out? I’ve got a few things I want to know and I need other people’s eyes for that.
How does my character come across in this part? Assuming you’ve read I: Hello? (Do you feel for/like/dislike them and why?)
Has your view or judgement changed? (Do you like them more or less, what did you feel about the character? Do you have an image of the character in your head?)
Do you want to read more or are you quite content to stop here?
Thank you for letting me use your eyes.

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