Deliverance [Candy]

Say, sir

The mistress sir.
She wants you, sir.

Bite, haul, but don’t touch
I’m on the porch

Let’s go sailing, look for Nessie
Why not? It’ll be fun.
She’ll come a-callin’
Giehl is outside
Giehl is inside
His colours his
Hair and robe been burned orange by flame.


He never told me
You don’t want me
But I do
I want you
you know me and

Madam answers phones deep sleep secretary
Piss on the door
She’ll get the message but
that’s not the message
you are trying to tell
me is it?


Tie hand yawn for summer makes me sleepy
Reading twisted fiction in the early morning
Use your imaginations.
You make no sense.
Why not use your imaginations?
You’ll make all sense.

Imagery and
and symmetry
Lion mane
Sugar cane
Empty lane
in the rain.

Perfect for a
a corpse run in a death-romance twist-fiction.

Necrophilia’s hot
You are scared
I am       scared
You are writing my scars onto your arm.
I write my stories.
My originality.

My message in the watermark behind the page
in light grey
don’t read but stay on task.

Hide from the hidden,
and reveal the revealed,
and toss the falling,
and save the secure.
My twisted fiction comes to life now.
My message lives now
on all fours
to straighten up
to read
to live again something I felt long ago
to regurgitate life onto a page
this was six years ago.
This was six years ago.

And still,
my message
and its true meaning
washed from the watermark long ago.
And my message
lost from sight
and banished from my mind
will be forever forgotten in the turning gyre of life,
as it encircles
and closes
upon us.